About us

The Ticino Association of Public Transport and Tourism (UTPT) was founded in 2003 and is now ten years old. The following are some of the important objectives in its DNA:

  • to protect its sectorial interests vis à vis third parties in a more pertinent manner;
  • to take care of relationships with institutions and category associations;
  • to foster  and increase the collaboration amongst the affiliated companies and other associations present on the cantonal and national level;
  • to commercially promote the sale of common transportation tickets;
  • to support the continuous training of collaborators;

UTPT thus has a significant number of affiliated companies and infrastructures. These consist in about 30 companies that are closely linked to the surrounding territory going from bus to postal services, from cableways to mountain railroads, from funiculars to ski-lifts and ski tows, from trains to boats. The consequence is that this umbrella association has a critical and essential role to play vis à vis public and tourist transportation: it must involve all of the sector’s players in implementing (in strict relationship with all the cantonal and federal bodies) a wide range of mobility projects, always in view of a sustainable future.

From a more practical viewpoint, UTPT wants to play a fundamental role, acting as point of reference for public and tourist mobility, constantly offering a qualified contribution of ideas and a concrete commitment in looking for valid solutions for the local population and for the guests visiting our region.

In the last decade, the Ticino Association of Public Transport and Tourism has implemented a good number of initiatives and projects that have permitted:

  • to coordinate promotional actions of common interest in the tourist sector;
  • to set up staff regulations;
  • to publish a free regional pocket schedule
  • to promote the association’s initiatives by means of targeted actions and publicity tools;
  • to stimulate the organisation of study seminars and training courses for workers in the road haulage and in the ski-lift facilities sectors;
  • to organise courses for public transport drivers in the sphere of the bilateral Agreements;
  • to participate in targeted or sectorial events or initiatives;
  • to actively participate in bodies, associations, meetings and working groups at the cantonal and national level

It is thus legitimate to say that the UTPT works with intelligence and dynamism to protect and enhance what our extraordinary territory has to offer our people and all those who choose our region for their holidays. All this has allowed the Association to take advantage of important and fruitful experiences, acquiring growing and solid consideration. It is not by chance that UTPT is the main category association in the Canton of Ticino and together with its many and important members, it is the real expression of to consider that the 30 people transportation companies, members of the Ticino Association of Public Transport and Tourism account for a turnover of more than 80 million francs; moreover, the more than 850 collaborators have about 500 vehicles, that cover more than 18 million kilometres transporting about 36 million passengers.

All this fully legitimizes the statement that this association of transport companies are, all round, our territory’s diamond point in the sectors of public mobility and tourism. A great number of activities are carried out with great commitment, skill, professionalism and enthusiasm to the full satisfaction of the great number of users. All this is possible thanks to the fact that ours is a well consolidated organization and also thanks to the expertise and experience of our members and to the fact that the many excellent initiatives of UTPT are much appreciated by the general public.

The most recent one to be implemented was the “Ticino Discovery Card”, which represents a real novelty in the tourist sector. It was designed with great determination and competence thanks to our Association and offers – as one of the product’s key elements – total mobility across our Canton, a package in which the tourist offer is integrated with public transportation and with other great attractions present on our territory.

UTPT 2012- 2013 Directive Committee is made up by:The UTPT secretariat is managed by Francesco Markesch,
Felice Pellegrini (president)
Giorgio Marcionni (vice-president)
Luca Müller, Gianbeato Vetterli e Paolo Solari (membres)
c/o Funicolare Monte San Salvatore
Casella postale 442 , 6902 Lugano-Paradiso,
tel.  +41 091 985 28 28, fax  +41 091 985 28 29